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After reading all of the books on how to keep your body healthy and resistant to disease / cancer, there was one unanimous theme. Keep your body in a Alkaline state and drink alkaline water!!! Ionized/ Alkaline water is smaller in the molecular state so it will flow better throughout your body. My husband was diagnosed with gout and that is what started our quest for a healthier body. He has been gout free ever since we discovered alkaline water. Before my husband & I bought this ionizer 1 year ago, we were purchasing alkaline water for .89 a gallon at a health food store that was 12 miles a way. Then we purchased this ionizer 1 year ago. We researched all the ionizers available & decided on this one. It is easy to install and easy to use. Greg at Customer Service was & is always there to answer any of our questions. Every time you use it, it cleans itself then after 5-6 gallons it goes through a deeper cleanse. Then about every year (depending on your facet/ municipal water -hard, soft, mineral content etc… ) you descale the unit & change the filter. We just descaled & changed the filter it was very easy. After descaling the unit the alkalinity of the unit went back up. The filters are just $40 a piece when you purchase 2. We just bought this 2nd ionizer & installed it at my mothers house. Very easy.

Mark Anderson, Redondo Beach CA

Yes, this machine Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7 has been a miracle for me. It has cured my osteoarthritis and my knee joints no longer lock causing pain. Also, my German Shepherd had arthritis limping for a long time and now walking normally after drinking the water for few weeks. We stopped paying the doctors and vets plus medication for nonworking helps.

I also bought 2 more machines for my daughters since they tried the water and felt it gave them more energy. The best gifts that I ever gave to them.

One of my friends has sciatica. After trying the water, he felt the pain went away and bought 1 Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7 and thinking about getting one more.

I’d like to thank Greg of Air Water Life for supporting this machine with all the questions that I asked. Really appreciate it.

Anita Walker, Ventura CA

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