Hot Water Dispensers

Hot Water Dispensers

Think for a moment just how often you use water – hot water. Now think about how instant 200°F water, right at the kitchen sink, can help you relax, save time and get things done. That’s because an CALIPURE instant hot water dispenser makes coffee, tea, hot cider, hot chocolate or any hot drink – instantly. Need to get something done? An instant hot water dispenser can help you: cook pasta al dente, blanch vegetables, melt chocolate, thaw frozen foods, serve hot cereals; loosen jar lids, remove labels, candle wax residue, baked-on foods or tomato skins; polish silver or jewelry; and warm plates, ice cream scoops or baby bottles. There's 101 ways to use an CLIPURE Instant Hot Water Dispenser, that is, until you discover one more.



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