No Bottle Water Stations

No Bottle Water Stations

No Bottle Water Stations with or Without Filters, Hot Cold Faucets

Calipure Hot & Cold Water Coolers With Stylish, Contemporary Design Are Used For Customer Lobbies, Waiting Rooms, Service Areas And More.

Calipure Hot & Cold Coolers are solidly constructed for long lasting durability. Stylish, rounded front, contemporary design. Non-removable 300 Series stainless steel reservoir. Dual float system with built-in safety float to prevent overflowing. Bright white or black polyethylene cabinet won't dent or rust.

Water Bottle-less Freestanding Water Coolers have a 3- and 4-Stage filtration system provides optimum performance. Coolers have stainless steels hot and cold tanks for long lasting durability. External filtration system and control panel provide ease of use.  panel includes safety button for Hot tank. Adjustable cold temperature and Power switches for hot/cold tanks. Available types includeNo filters, 3-Stage, Reverse Osmosis.




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